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Ultra-Fast was developed exclusively for the use of fastener distributors. The package is based on, and integrated to, the complete FACTS software system. The system was designed to benefit the fastener distributor by taking advantage of the latest in computer technology.

Ultra-Fast adds features and functionality demanded by fastener distributors which go beyond the needs of a general line wholesale distributor. The system fully automates secondary processing - value added to inventory items by third party companies (e.g. plating). Further, the software provides features such as bar code label printing, auto generation of lot numbers, inventory part number builds, and much more.

FACTS Software Enhancements, will improve your company's control of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bill of Materials/Kits, General Ledger, Inventory, Payroll, Purchase Orders, Sales Analysis, and Sales Orders.


Secondary Processing - Value can be added to inventory items for costs such as plating or packaging. The user has complete information about items that are out at third party vendors. The system tracks both the original product, and the product that is being "produced" as a result of the additional process. History is kept on all processed items.

Multiple Bin Locations - Multiple bin locations can be assigned for a single inventory item. The user can select whether the bin location is determined at order entry, or determined at the time the order is picked.

Customer Item Tracking - Customer item numbers can be tracked and printed in the Sales Order system. Your customer can order by their part numbers. Both your inventory item number and the customer inventory item number are printed where appropriate.

Blanket Orders - Orders with multiple releases can be entered and tracked with the ability to assemble a final invoice from multiple releases.

Form Descriptions An additional description field is available to print on all related forms. FACTS comes with two lines of thirty characters for item description. With Ultra-Fast, a separate form description field is available. This concise description can be printed on forms in place of the lengthy item descriptions.

Auto Lot Number Generation - At time of receipt, lot numbers can be generated by the system. The user enters in parameters that are used by the system to assign lot numbers.

Inventory Item Build - Inventory item numbers can be generated by the system based on characteristics of inventory items. For example the system will build inventory items for parts that are similar, but vary in size.

Alternate Item Numbers - The system will track an unlimited number of alternate item numbers for a part. The part can be referenced at any time by any of the alternate item numbers.

Bar Code Label Printing - Advanced bar code label printing is available for printing item labels, order labels, and package labels. All major brands of thermal transfer bar code printers are supported. Graphic imaging is available.


Catalog Items - Items that are not stocked by the distributor, but are sold on occasion, can be kept on the system. The item number, item description, cost, and price are available in the order entry system. A purchase requisition is automatically created when any catalog item is sold. Vendor items, costs and pricing information can be automatically imported from vendor diskettes or tapes. Catalog items do not print on inventory reports.


Price and Delivery (Sourcing) - Quotes can be requested from multiple vendors for stocked and non-stocked items. To assist in vendor selections, quotes can be organized by criteria such as price, availability, and delivery. The selection is posted to the Suggested Purchase Order for management review.

Customer Warehousing - The system will track selected customers' inventory. Based on pre-set restocking levels, the system will generate a restocking report for those items that fall below the pre-set limits.


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